What is Nankatsu SC Hawaii Soccer Academy?

Like Captain Tsubasa in the famous “Captain Tsubasa” Japanese Comic Series, we strive to teach kids and adults of all ages to fly into the world with their soccer skills.
Nankatsu SC Hawaii strives to become the premier soccer club in Hawaii.  
We will have a variety of age groups, ranging from junior youth clubs all the way to over 45 teams.
We will form a club where it’s comfortable for Japanese kids and adults to play soccer with local and foreign ethnic background kids and adults.

We would like to become a team where we can be proud to say Nankatsu SC Hawaii when others ask what the best team in Hawaii is and be proud to represent our club.  Like Captain Tsubasa, we will strive for our players to fly into the world with their soccer skills and to also enjoy the game of soccer.  We would also like to support our coaches by teaching them how to teach the kids to be the best they can be and to also enjoy soccer.  One day perhaps becoming professionals and representing their own country playing soccer.

From here on out, along with our sister club, Nankatsu SC located in Katsushika county in Tokyo, and Ituano FC in Sau Paolo, Brazil, and Sabatel FC in Barcelona, Spain, we would like to create opportunities for networking with these organizations and give our players the opportunities to learn about each other’s languages and cultures.
Also, we will have a Nankatsu SC Hawaii Soccer Academy Supporters Club, consisting of businesses in Hawaii and Japan that will support our soccer organization.  Our Supporter’s Club is headed by Executive Chairman Captain Tsubasa author Yoichi Takahashi and also Chairman Athleta President Tadao Maruhashi.

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